Team Coaching Canvas

At tryScrum, we believe coaching can do wonders if the right professional coaching skills are leveraged. To help Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters with the suitable toolkits, We tried our bit to minimise misconceptions and maximise the value of a Coach. One of the priorities was increasing awareness by offering coaching resources. This particular initiative tries to help coaches maximise their potential and become more competitive to meet their goals.

With that in mind, we are coming up with Team Coaching Canvas, a toolkit that helps Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches to get started with their Team Coaching. Please note that these tools help one to kick start their journey in the right direction. However, Team Coaching is much more than just a toolkit.

The Canvas plays the role of a guide for the Team Coaches. The coaches can follow the guidelines of the Canvas and partner with their teams and their stakeholders to maximise the required abilities to move forward successfully, achieving the shared goals.

Let's humanise Organisations by helping teams be fully self-directive and competent through collective- intelligence.

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